Meet Brent
Local Roots
  •  Raised in Broadway:
    Brent grew up in Broadway, fishing in Linville Creek, appreciating the beautiful Shenandoah Valley
  •  Homegrown Values:
    Brent learned the value of hard work, fairness, and liberty with jobs in Timberville, Broadway, and Harrisonburg
Ready to Lead
  •  Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner
  • Harrisonburg City Planning Commissioner
  •  Reliable Record of Serving Community Members and Causes
Brent Finnegan's Valley values come from being raised in Broadway. He takes “love thy neighbor” as a life calling and not just a Sunday soundbite. It’s not in his nature to ignore a need, turn a blind eye to corruption, or be satisfied with the status quo. Service to this community is Brent's biography and that is why he’s running for office. 

What does Brent believe?
Step up when you see a need. When Brent came back to the Valley after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, he saw that Harrisonburg needed more transparency in local government, so he created to serve as an online community resource.  Over the years, he’s taught English and U.S. citizenship classes to immigrants, raised funds and washed dishes for Our Community Place, and even volunteered at Cat’s Cradle. 

Know your community and its issues. 
Brent used volunteering as an opportunity to listen to his neighbors and educate himself on their problems.  While working at WVPT, he produced documentaries and shows on immigration and farm policy. Now he serves on the Harrisonburg City Planning Commission, and works at the Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services at JMU, where he collaborates with local educators and health professionals to reduce drug abuse and teen pregnancy, and support rural health initiatives.

Everyone deserves respect. 
Brent has spent a lot of time talking to people who work all the time and still can’t make ends meet. He’s had the experience of being laid off from a job, being unemployed and underemployed in the Valley. All of this has confirmed his belief that everyone deserves the dignity of a living wage and decent working conditions.  
You can’t build a bright future with dark money or influence peddling, cronyism, gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, or any of the other anti-democratic practices that have taken hold in Richmond and across the country. Those are the forces that allow agribusiness to rig the system against the family farm and Big Pharma to charge an outrageous price for a life-saving medication. Those are the forces that drown out Valley voices in Richmond. 

Brent believes things can be different. 
The idea that campaigns don’t have to take corporate donations led Brent to become an integral part of the local grassroots organizing team for Bernie Sanders' presidential primary campaign that won in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County in 2016. 

Party politics doesn’t equal good citizenship.
Yes, Brent’s a Democrat, but he grew up in a family of Republicans and he believes in solutions everyone can live with. A legislator who only makes life better for his own supporters is a failure. When party lines and Valley interests diverge, Brent will do what’s best for the Valley. Unlike some state Democrats, for example, he won’t take donations from Dominion Power because that money is paving the way for a pipeline that could threaten our drinking water. Clean water is life—just ask the citizens of Flint, Michigan. Brent will always put the health and welfare of the community first. 

Blast the excuses. Especially “But it’s never been done that way before” and “You can’t get elected without corporate donations.” Look around. Things that have never been done before are being done every day. Americans are good at innovation. Who says we have to put up with the same old graft in Richmond? There are better ways, and Brent is the man with the drive, creativity, and heart to find them. 
How to Donate to Brent's Campaign
Issues Based on Valley Values
  • A Fair Shot at Prosperity for all individuals and families. 
  •   A Fair Chance to Start and Grow Local Businesses.  Most job growth comes from small and medium-sized local businesses. Stop rigging the system for big corporate interests.
  •  A Fair Chance to be Heard for all citizens. Get big money out of politics so our representatives are beholden to the people first.  One person, one vote.
  •  A Fair Share of Democracy for everyone. Stop gerrymandering and let everyone’s vote count equally.
  •  A Fair Shake in the Justice System. Decriminalize and reduce sentences for petty offenses.
  •  Fair and Equal Pay for Women because they deserve it.
Liberty and the Common Good
  •  Protect Access to Affordable Healthcare. Virginia must expand Medicaid, expand mental health coverage, and explore healthcare solutions that work best for individuals and businesses.
  •  Protect Private Property and Public Resources. No eminent domain for private gain. We must not sacrifice our clean water and public health for out-of-state profit.
    No pipelines. No fracking.
  •  Protect the Land, Water, and Beauty of Our Valley because our health, our prosperity, and our children’s futures rely on it. Green alternatives are not only cleaner, they are also offer access to vibrant new industries.
  •  Protect Women’s Health Services and Right to Choose. A woman with access to information, birth control, and healthcare is far less likely to face an unwanted pregnancy. If she does, she must be free to choose the option best for her own health and future.
  •  Stand for a Living Wage so no one has to work more than full time to afford a home, food, and healthcare for themselves and their families.
  •  Stand Together with Our Neighbors because their struggle is our struggle, regardless of race, religion, orientation, or where they were born. 
  •  Stand for Justice for Workers including their right to organize, financial assistance for workplace injury, and safe working conditions.
  •  Stand for Our Future. Affordable community college and training programs for emerging markets will allow local businesses to expand with homegrown talent.
  •  Stand for a Second Chance. Provide treatment for addiction because we can’t afford to write anyone off.
"We must invest in innovation and the new economy."
- Brent Finnegan
Harrisonburg and Rockingham County 
Voters Support Brent Finnegan
"I'm voting for Brent because he is refusing money from Dominion and opposes the dangerous pipelines." 
Chris B.
Land Owner,
Fulks Run, VA
"I am frustrated with the party games played in Richmond.  Families are struggling and we need solutions."
John S.
Father, Entrepreneur
Harrisonburg, VA
"Healthcare should be about human lives, not corporate profits. We need elected leaders who understand that."
Timothy J.
Health Care Expert
Rockingham Co.
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"We must serve communities, not political parties."
- Brent Finnegan
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    Friends of Brent Finnegan
    P.O. Box 1035
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